Artichokes revisited…

After making my most recent mini quilt, I was just having too much fun with my artichoke block and decided to come up with a bigger quilt based on it. So, after using this as an excuse to order some of those luscious Kona solid fat quarter bundles, which then sat around and got petted for a while, I finally cut into them to come up with this quilt top:

Insane Artichoke quilt top by Sylvia Schaefer

The green artichoke is the same size as in my previous quilt, the red one is an extra-large one.

Insane Artichoke quilt top by Sylvia Schaefer Insane Artichoke quilt top by Sylvia Schaefer

This is definitely not going to be done by next week, which is the due date for the challenge that inspired the original quilt, but I may just bring it along anyway. I need to figure out how to square this thing up accurately, since the edges are extremely uneven from my fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants improv piecing.

I’m thinking of calling it “The Disintegration of the Persistence of Artichokes.” Just because.

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4 Responses to Artichokes revisited…

  1. Laurel Rudolph says:

    I love the colors! I so admire your precision and I love the name.

    Simply gorgeous!!

  2. Kate L says:

    I love this!!! It’s so beautiful. The colours are great and the pattern is fantastic!

  3. Frances says:

    WOW….this is fantastic!!! PLEASE bring it on Tuesday as I cant wait to see it in person!!

  4. CitricSugar says:

    Ridiculously gorgeous! I can’t wait to see how all that negative space gets quilted…

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