Lone Star quilt finish!

Lone Star quilt finish!

I’ve finished up the lone star quilt I’ve been working on this summer!

Southwest Lone Star quilt by Sylvia Schaefer

I was going for southwest colors, and I really like what I ended up with. I used batiks for the star (except for the very center, which is a fabulous rust dye from my favorite LQS) and Robert Kaufman Essex linen/cotton blend in Natural for the background and binding.

Southwest Lone Star quilt by Sylvia Schaefer

For the quilting, I mostly just echoed the star. I was going for ½” spaced lines, but they ended up being closer to ⅜” apart, since I just assumed that the edge of my walking foot was ½” without actually measuring it!

Southwest Lone Star quilt by Sylvia Schaefer

For the actual star, I quilted curved lines between the points of each diamond. I didn’t manage to get the star to lie particularly flat, but unless you’re looking really closely I think it works anyway!

Southwest Lone Star quilt by Sylvia Schaefer

The backing is another batik–I always forget how very much I hate hand-sewing binding through batiks. The weave is so tight that it’s a bear to push a needle through.

Southwest Lone star quilt by Sylvia Schaefer

I took these photos in the botanical gardens near my home, and I did get one curious visitor stopping by to see what I was doing!

visitor while photographing

This quilt will now be heading off to a new home in, you guessed it, the Lone Star state!

  1. Love your quilt — and I particularly like the “visitor” who checked it out. But I think it’s a little to big for him/her, otherwise s/he might have walked off with it. 🙂

  2. This is a stunner. The asymmetry is nice, and the rust dye really pops. Your choice of quilting designs accents the top well. Recently, I took a quilt to a casino hotel for a photo shoot. I’m pretty sure some employees there were wondering about me, but I’ll wager there’s nothing in the training manual about how to address unanticipated photo shoots featuring non-human subjects. Therefore, nobody said a word, at least to me. I can imagine the conversations that occurred after their work day ended. “Honey, you never guess what happened at work today. This lady came in carrying a blanket with two kids in tow. She laid her blanket out and started taking photos, but they weren’t of the kids. They were of the blanket. Can you believe it?”

  3. This one is absolutely gorgeous! You made those batiks sing (and I say that as someone who has a friendly but not friends relationship with batiks…lol).

    Beautiful quilting as well. I love the asymmetry and mix of solids with batiks. Very cool!

    Thanks for the briefing on your dissertation the other day – very interesting!

  4. This is beautiful! I had to find it to see after listening to you on the Me Being Crafty podcast! I didn’t see it listed on your quilts page and am so happy I dug a bit further to find it. The positioning is so brave 🙂