Lleonard the Llama

I have a standing agreement with my good friend Joan (who incidentally is an amazing crochet artist with a new website!) that one of these days, we’re just going to run away to the llama farm (pending acquisition of a llama farm). For her recent birthday, I thought I’d jump-start the process by giving her her first llama.

Well, maybe just a quilted llama.

Lleonard the Llama | Flying Parrot Quilts

This is Lleonard (paper pieced from this pattern), and he’s purple to match his new owner’s favorite color. The background is a yarn-dyed Essex Linen blend, and I quilted it with a loopy yarn-like pattern.

Lleonard the Llama | Flying Parrot Quilts

Lleonard seems a little unsure about everything, but I think he’s settling in nicely after a dramatic first day in which he fell off the wall.

He’s backed in this amazing llama print I stumbled across at Gotham Quilts in New York city this summer:

Lleonard the Llama | Flying Parrot Quilts

Who else is headed to QuiltCon in less than two weeks? I’m hoping to meet lots of online friends there!

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5 Responses to Lleonard the Llama

  1. Warm Quilts says:

    This is super adorable! What a cute little face and even cuter is the fabric on the back.

  2. Frances says:

    SO cute!!

  3. Joan says:

    Thank you!!! I llove Lleonard! My favorite part is how his mouth is pieced: so much personality conveyed in 3 little seams!

  4. Michele says:

    Lleonard the Llama is adorable!!

  5. TIRZAH says:


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