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The Disintegration of the Persistence of Artichokes | Flying Parrot Quilts

Woot, ribbons!

My name is Sylvia, and I’m a scientist by day, with a Ph.D. in marine science, and a quilter by night. Because of my background in science, I love making quilts that convey some aspect of science but are still beautiful to look at. I have been quilting since approximately 2007 and prefer a bright modern style! My quilts have been featured in magazines such as McCall’s Quick Quilts and Machine Quilting Unlimited, and have been exhibited and won awards at regional and national shows.










About the name

Pizzicato Cockatiel

The mascot.

I’m neither a dog nor a cat person–I’ve had parrotsĀ all my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! “Flying Parrot Quilts” is a play on the traditional Flying Geese quilting block and my love of birds. I currently have one cockatiel, Pizzicato.











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