Marine Snow

Marine snow is an important process in the oceans, namely the export of carbon to the ocean depths. Dead organic matter containing carbon derived from the surface ocean and earth’s atmosphere sinks to the deep ocean, where it becomes part of the sediments, is consumed, or dissolves in deep water. On the way down, it appears to sink like drifting snowflakes. The popular idea of seeding the oceans with iron to draw down atmospheric carbon dioxide relies on this process. Its natural magnitude is, therefore, of great interest to climate scientists as they investigate sinks of atmospheric carbon.

Marine Snow by Sylvia Schaefer

This quilt was made for my husband, who researches marine snow. The pattern is from the book Stratavarious Quilts.



2011, Hot Threads, Cool Quilts, Cotton Patch Quilters Guild, Watkinsville, GA

2013, Climate Change: Conveying Realities, curated by Chris Cuomo, eco*art*lab, Athens, GA