East Cobb show & what I’m up to…

First off, two of my quilts, The Ooze Primordial (Photosystem I) and Breadbasket, are going to be part of the East Cobb Quilt Guild’s show this summer! This is a show open to all Georgia quilters, and I’m super excited that both the quilts I entered were selected to be a part of it.

I haven’t actually finished any quilts lately, but I’ve been working on a lot of things:

Some machine quilting with feathers and pebbles…

machine quilting by Sylvia Schaefer

… and some top-piecing, including this one (which isn’t interesting-looking now, but it will be awesome when it’s quilted–at least in my imagination!)…

by Sylvia Schaefer

… and cutting zillions of little squares so I’ll have some English paper piecing to work on while traveling this summer…

stacks of squares by Sylvia Schaefer

… and making myself a new wallet, because I get jealous of my friend Marybeth’s awesome wallet every time I’m fabric shopping with her.

sea urchin wallet by Sylvia Schaefer

From the book “Zakka Style.”

sea urchin wallet inside by Sylvia Schaefer

The inside, with more ocean-themed scraps that I’ve been hoarding.


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3 Responses to East Cobb show & what I’m up to…

  1. Marybeth says:

    Can’t wait to see your quilts … they deserve to be shown and shown a lot!

    The wallet was a gift from a friend and I love love love it. I get so many comments on it! Yours will be awesome too …

  2. Frances M. Arnold says:

    Congrats on getting your quilts into Cobb. I am happy that my Jungle quilt was accepted as well. Cant wait to see yours there!!!!

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