Giveaway winner & AQS Chattanooga modern eye candy

Giveaway winner & AQS Chattanooga modern eye candy

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by and said kind things about my quilt. I read every one of them, and they all made me feel warm and fuzzy! I’m working on a pattern for the quilt, so please check back if you were one of the people who really wanted to make this same quilt!

The winner of the Peppered Cottons bundle is Carol. Congrats Carol!

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 11.41.36 AM

For everyone else, here’s some eye candy! I went to the AQS show in Chattanooga a couple of weeks ago to see my quilt hanging:

Aritchokes quilt at AQS Chattanooga | Flying Parrot Quilts

The show was great, and it was so fun to see my quilt in a display of this caliber. Here are some of my favorites from the modern category!

A Slice of Pi, Connie Griner
A Slice of Pi by Connie Griner

The quilt above really appealed to me because of my love of scientific quilts. I got to chat with Connie for a while while we were waiting to pick up our quilts, and she said she had made this in celebration of the Pi Day of the Century last March (3/14/15). It features the first 100 digits of pi!

Honey, What Color Should We Paint the Living Room, Jeri Fickes
Honey, What Color Should We Paint the Living Room? by Jeri Fickes
Chasm, Susan Cronenwett
Chasm by Susan Cronenwett

The next two appealed to me because I love birds:

Me And My Shadow, Vicki Ruebel
Me And My Shadow by Vicki Ruebel
Black & White Crayons by Lynn Tyler
Black & White Crayons by Lynn Tyler
Love in the Digital Age, Kristin Shields
Love in the Digital Age by Kristin Shields
This Side Up, Judith Putnam
This Side Up by Judith Putnam
Disoriented Vortex, Nancy Packard
Disoriented Vortex by Nancy Packard
Snack Time, Donna DeFusco
Snack Time by Donna DeFusco

Next up on my project list: making something with the fabric I bought while there!