(Epic) Halloween round-up for 2017

(Epic) Halloween round-up for 2017

It’s fall! That means pumpkin spice is everywhere and it’s almost Halloween—time to revisit the Epic Halloween Quilt-Along! You guys are still seriously crushing on it, so I thought I’d do a little roundup of some of the quilts you all have finished over the last year. It’s all still there if you missed the bandwagon the first time around!

It’s so much fun to look through all the unique color choices and block substitutions. Here are is a whole bunch of eye candy for you:

If you are thinking of jumping on the bandwagon and making your own Epic Halloween Quilt, I thought I’d share a few patterns I’ve come across recently, in case you’d like to deviate from my layout as many of the quilts above did. If you’ve come across one you love or written one yourself, I’d love to hear about it!

In Color Order: Paper pieced coffin block

Whims and Fancies: Halloween Witch Hat

Lots of cute ideas at Quilt Inspiration

Modern Halloween ideas from Craftsy

And if you need a fun pillow to match your Halloween quilt, check out these great designs from Goheen Designs!
Tombstone Pillow
Customizable Tombstone Pillow

Finally, if you make your own, go forth and enter it into shows! The original Epic Halloween Quilt has picked up several ribbons, and, based on the comments, judges seem to really enjoy the sampler take on the holiday and the non-traditional Halloween colors. It even took home a ribbon from the new fall Paducah show:

Remember, if you make one, tag the #epichalloweenqal on Instagram!

  1. Thanks for including my quilt in the round up, Sylvia! This quilt was so fun to make and I love seeing everyone’s creations – they are all so beautiful and fun!

  2. Fabulous versions of an amazing quilt. I have gathered all the patterns and really do plan to make the quilt. Sadly, not likely until 2019. Thank you so much for putting this together and sending a reminder of such a great quilt.

  3. Dear Sylvia, my granddaughter loves this quilt and wants it. Is there a pattern available? Please send me information if possible. The problem is she loves the original doorway. So I’m sure I’m in for a lot of shopping. Your quilt is amazing and it looks like so much fun. I’ve been quilting a long time but not using a cell phone long. Lol. Thank you, Sharon