Patchwork Nation

Patchwork Nation

I’m so excited to finally share a project I got to be a part of last fall! You might know that Craftsy has launched a new subscription service called Craftsy Unlimited, and as part of this they’re adding a whole bunch of new content for members, including a new documentary series, Patchwork Nation. I was lucky enough to have a visit from a film crew and am featured in the first episode! They were particularly interested in my background in science, so you’ll get to hear more about how science influences my quilting (beyond the obvious), get to see the inside of my lab, and meet some of my friends and family.

Here’s a little about the series:

The world of quilting stitches up a diverse patchwork of perspectives and people. And just like a quilt top, no two are exactly alike. In our five-part series, we dive into the seams of that colorful community, connecting with five talented, artistic quilters — each with very different takes on design, creativity, and, as it would turn out, life.
A short preview is below, but Craftsy has decided to offer the episode featuring me as a sneak peek into the series outside of the membership platform, to give folks an idea of what kind of new content they can expect to see in Craftsy Unlimited. You can view the whole episode here (and also in Unlimited, of course!)

By the way, the lovely crocheted scarf my friend Joan is wearing in the video is also a fabulous science-inspired work of fiber art. She used global temperature data to guide her color selection and illustrate the severity of climate change; you read more about it here.

I’ll be sharing a peek behind the scenes later this week, so stay tuned!

  1. That was a fantastic documentary! Made me tear up. You do so much more than good work, Sylvia. You do wonderful, fantastic, inspiring work. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

  2. I watched the episode and enjoyed it! I’m so impressed that you won the Craftsy Design Fellowship: Congrats!!! I loved seeing your perspective on quilting: so interesting to see how science has influenced your work! Hugs, H